Frequently Asked Questions

How would my memorable phone number work?
Your number would simply be routed to a 'destination number' of your choice. This is commonly your existing landline or mobile.


Our numbers run on our own robust intelligent system, which means you can add call management facilities, such as the ability to re-route your memorable number (e.g. change your destination number) at anytime or become more efficient by obtaining call statistics.


Additionally call management can help by allowing you to deal with your customers more effectively by allowing calls to go to different staff etc.

How do I re-route my memorable number?
Your memorable number(s) can be re-routed to a landline/mobile*/international number** of your choice instantly.


Are your call management services compatible with all IT and phone systems?
With the fast moving nature of IT, telephone and mobile phone technology we have seen the odd occasion when our customers experience difficulties. For example, listening to Voicemail to Email messages on an iPhone or reading Fax to Email attachments on a Mac. These are generally something we can resolve, or find a solution to although we cannot give you a 100% guarantee. We always advise you to speak with a member of our team who can discuss your specific needs and also carry out any appropriate tests.
Some of our customers have found that this website is useful to enable them to resolve this problem Apple Connections does not take responsibility for the content of this website. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Can my non-geographic number be dialled from abroad?
Yes, although there isn‘t always a 100% guarantee of connection. It very much depends on the reliability of the international network operator. To dial a non-geographic number from overseas people will simply have to enter (0044) and drop the leading ‘0‘ as normal.

Will I need to get another line installed anywhere to receive calls on my new Apple Connections phone number?
No, that’s the beauty of our numbers. Apple Connections simply connects your new Apple phone number to your existing telephone landline number (this is called your 'Target Number' and is commonly your current contact number). Your Target Number still remains fully active and your callers will still be able to reach you on it. Either way your business will receive the call as normal.


Will the service charge go up next year?
Apple Connections guarantees not to increase your service charge for three years. After that we reserve the right to increase them by the index rate of inflation.