About Apple Connections

Apple Connections was established to provide companies with a professional and efficient service for all their telecommunications needs. We pride ourselves on providing each client with a bespoke service which fits their individual requirements.


We work with fully licenced telecoms service providers operating under an "ISVR" Licence issued by the DTI, who have agreements with several telecom networks giving us access to one of the largest ranges of non-geographic numbers in the UK .


The network we use for your inbound telephony utilises the latest in Nokia switching technology with each DX220 switch being capable of handling up to 8000 simultaneous calls per number. In the unlikely event of major service disruption, calls are automatically routed via another switch using SDH (Syncronised Digital Hierarchy) to ensure that there is no disruption in service.


Apple Connections is also able to offer Intelligent Networking solutions with most non-geographic numbers enabling us to ‘tailor make' call services for every individual business. Should you wish to have your call answered by a person, voicebox or virtual switchboard we have the call plan for you.


Whether you are looking to enhance your corporate image with Freephone, Local or National rate telephone numbers or save money on your phone bill, our dedicated customer services team is there to advise you on the best solution.