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Welcome to Apple Connections

Apple Connections offer a professional, efficient and personal service to organisations
seeking telecommunication solutions.


We work with the largest and most effective telecommunications networks in the UK and are able to offer a vast range of Non Geographic Numbers:

  • 03 - Standard rate calls even from mobiles
  • 0800 – Freephone numbers
  • 0845 – Lo call rate numbers
  • 0871 – National rate numbers
  • 0700 – Alphadial numbers

Not only can non geographic numbers enhance your corporate image our memorable numbers allow you to market your company nationwide. By working in tandem with your existing telephone numbers you can gradually integrate them into your business. Should you relocate you can take your number with you at no extra cost so your customers can always keep in touch.


Interested? Call us right now and we can forward you an enormous selection of memorable telephone numbers to enhance an and personalise your business.